Mayor of Greenwood

November 13, 2017
By FaithVang BRONZE, Greenwood, Arkansas
FaithVang BRONZE, Greenwood, Arkansas
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Greenwood, your typical small town. Nothing makes our town stand out or special, at least not to outsiders. One street runs through our whole town with your typical fast food restaurants and locally owned stores on both sides. Greenwood is filled with old buildings, buildings that look as old as the town. There are also many big plots of land that make our town look dead and empty. The empty plots and old buildings make our town look dingy and unattractive. It doesn’t make people want to come in and it doesn’t make people want to stay either. Greenwood has barely changed in the time I’ve been here, but it’s time that we expand and grow our town into an attractive place that more people can call home.


Greenwood is filled with empty plots of land. Land that is not being used or bought. It would be great if we could turn one of these empty plots into something fun for the people of our town to enjoy. Drive-in theatres are coming back and it would be great to have one in our town. The closest drive-in theatre is 40 minutes away and that’s not very close. Think about it; people wouldn’t have to drive so far and people of any age will enjoy it; parents, kids, teens. It would bring people and money back into our town. It would be something that would make our town stand out.  We don’t have a movie theatre or one near by. This would be a great addition to our town and bring lots of attention.

In Greenwood, we only have a few restaurants and fast food places to choose from. There’s Sonic, McDonald’s, Genos and a few more. Everything typical, but nothing special. It would be a great idea to build a diner that is retro themed. A diner where servers wear skates and serve milkshakes and burgers, and comfort food. A place with booths and stools and a jukebox. A very old fashioned, authentic, diner. It would be a great place for not only the teens, but families too. It would be a place for teens to hang out and go after school, but they could also work there and bring in business. We need a place more comforting than McDonalds or Sonic drive through. It would match our town’s old history and authenticity. It would also add to our town as another option for food.
Greenwood’s main sponsors are Farmer’s Bank and Walmart. If we pitched a really good plan and prove to them that these additions would bring attraction and money back into our town, I really believe we could get them to agree. These places would bring employment and business. Many teens need jobs and working at a drive-in or diner would be capable with their busy schedules. It would be really nice to have something to be proud of. The people here are always complaining about how there’s nothing to do or that they’re tired of eating the same things. People would be excited for these new additions, especially the teens. Having these new additions would make our town stand out compared to others. The people are ready for change and ready for something new.
Greenwood has been the same for the longest time. Nothing ever changes and everything stays the same. We have lots of space for new additions. It’s time for our town to expand and with the help of our town sponsors, we could make Greenwood a more enjoyable place. I want to make our town look modern and clean, but still keeping our old roots. New additions to our town would bring in people and make people want to stay. We need to make our town memorable and special.

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