Saying That You Are Moving to Canada Will Not Accomplish Anything

April 30, 2017
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It is post Election day and anger, resentment, and disgust is overflowing social media. Instagram and Facebook feeds are spammed by hundreds of fury rants and anti-Trump posts.

“I refuse to acknowledge Donald Trump as President of the United States...”
“I am moving to Canada.”
“I am ashamed to be an American citizen...I am so disappointed in America.”

I, too, am extremely disappointed in America, but not for the same reason as you might think. I am disappointed in my peers and their predatory words. I am disappointed by the insensitivity people have towards each other. Most of all, I am disappointed by the lack of patriotism in Americans.

Whether you were with her or him, the election was a shock to all of us. Although Trump was not a favorable candidate, especially in our liberal bubble, he won and we have to accept the reality. However, more dangerous than his presidency is how it has divided our country.

People are accusing this fair democratic election of being rigged because they can’t stand the outcome. Protesters across the U.S. are taking the streets to defy the election, chanting #NotMyPresident. Mobs of angry people are burning cars and vandalizing buildings. Paly students are holding a #NotMyPresident protest of their own on Paly campus. Reluctant to recognize our president, threatening to flee our country, and denying our own citizenship, is utterly embarrassing. We must not neglect our country at a time where it needs us the most, but put aside our political differences to come together and work for a change in the future.

Our country allows for all different beliefs to coexist, but by shaming and hurting those who are have different opinions than you, we are destroying the backbone of what makes America so great. To the left wingers angered by the election, it confuses me how judgemental many you can be for a party that boasts itself in being so receptive. To the Hillary supporters who previously told the other side to accept the election with grace, it surprises me that many of you have responded by setting streets on fire and sparking violence across our country. For those who are convinced that our president spews hate, in response, we can not fight hate with hate.

Post election grief is real for some of us, however, there are coping methods. No, I am not talking about signing intangible petitions to get rid of the electoral college or adjuring for  California’s succession from the union. No, I am also not talking about sharing biased, angry facebook videos, but rather trying to see the other side of the coin. If you do not like our president, find out why half of our country does. If you are unsure of his plans and stance on certain issues, do some research and you might find that some of his policies are actually quite liberal. I am not asking you to suddenly idolize him, because frankly that would be very hard to do, but simply believe in him. Believe that he cares tremendously for this country and that he will use his power to better serve the people. The next time you share an anti-Trump video, think about what you are trying to accomplish. Is it to prevent him from presidency? No, because he has already won. Maybe so you can convince others how much of a horrible person he is? Well, if your goal is to ignite hatred towards our president, I urge you to think about what kind of damage that would do to our country. What kind of patriots are we if we can’t even respect our own president. Try to make the best out of the situation, educate yourselves, get involved, give back to the community, radiate kindness not hate, and never stop fighting for what you believe in, but don’t give up on the country that has always held on to the last strands for you. In the spirit of sacrifice and contribution, let us put our energy and focus towards the future. Our country will not get anywhere if the people are reluctant to work for it.

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