Trump for President

November 10, 2016
By CiscoMoob BRONZE, Sacramento, California
CiscoMoob BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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People believe that Donald Trump is a good person that he is going to make America great again. He believes that America isn’t at it full peak because if certain people or group of people.”They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime,they’re rapists,”that what Trump thinkings about undocumented mexican immigrants.But economists agree that immigration is good for the economy that it creates new jobs and that it make U.S-born workers more prosperous. I believe that Donald Trump isn’t as good as people say,yeah he does say some interesting facts about what he wants for america but the thing is it going to be good for the americans or is it just going to be good for him.Donald trump has done a lot of things in the pass that ruin his reputation he has been accused of being a sexist. 

People say that the fact that Donald Trump is different is good for American. “Donald trump is what America's been waiting for”, but i disagree in fact I feel like now that Donald trump is president I feel like America ain't going to be America again, what all the president in the pass accomplished  Donald trump is going to destroy all of it. Yeah, he does have some great point but why is he going to isolate Mexicans and say they are bad people that we send all the rapist and the criminals and all the bad people. Is every person that’s Mexican like that. I'm Mexican but does it mean that I'm a criminal, just because I'm Mexican. The United States has come a long way now, every single one of the president made their effort to make the United States the best country that it can be.

Donald trump has created a lot of controversy this past year he made a lot of people believe that racism isn’t a bad thing he made it seem like mexican are the reason the we have so much problems in our society, but the thing is not everyone is like that. There is a lot of unguilty people that hasn’t done anything and just because they are immigrants that makes them bad,that doesn't seem fair to me. There is about 11.1 million undocumented immigrants and he,donald trump who is now the president of the United States plans to kick out all those illegal immigrants but when half of them haven't done anything,but immigration isn’t the only thing that he is wrong about he is also a very sexist man.

Donald trump doesn't care about women's opinions, he only cares about white men's opinions and due to that he lost 90% of women vote in the United States. I believe that women have an important part in the United States they change a lot of things they are part of our history there is people like rosa parks that stand up for people right and she is a big piece to our history. There can be many more women that can be part of history but every voice count and Donald trump doesn't care about what women have to say about the government. So the fact that he's a very sexist man doesn't really benefit us Americans because he doesn't care for each and every single one of our voices.

Donald trump can create a lot of good things for American people he can create a better economy for people and he can set something better than they were but  trump ruin the American Dream? Can he ruin the land of the free? We don't know if he can or if he will, all we know is now, that he is the president our future of our nation depends on him and we have to work with what we have regardless if we don't like trump or if we do.

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