We Are Victims

September 25, 2016
By Anonymous

An unprecedented growth among American people has reached a new level. Initially, data was gathered from 1999-2014 which followed by having sequential yet minuscule traces of gathered additional information throughout 2015. Falling into the temptations of overdosing on such simple and common drugs like opioids manifests itself into a grieving mental state while becoming solely dependent on this substance. Handed by a knowledgeable person then hooked until realizing they’ve emptied the entire bottle. The same thing can be said within the states themselves as they also suffer from high levels of heroin fatalities and it’s been rising ever since. Due to its mind altering effects and neuron changing impressions Americans tend to use it to suppress their false claims. Primary used for chronic pain its intended purpose was to ease those suffering but it quickly evolved into overdose then heroin injections.

It’s more of a constant representation of something considered humane that isn’t so. Americans manipulate such sensitive substance begins to consume their way of dealing with pain. It’s shocking how a prescription that is handled by medical professionals and distributed to its patients can totally go haywire. An addiction translates to dependence on that particular substance then leading to a mass epidemic that brushes all throughout this country and eventually takes its victims lives one by one. Awareness is something that can be taken into consideration because these prescription drugs are right under our hindsight. Many types of medication can be wrongly used or applied in an unrationed manner. Easily filling up the blood stream with this rush of euphoria then later finding out that people quickly need more to reach that satisfaction that was previously met. As an abundance steps are taken to reach this new stage of excitement.

This rush of “I want that feeling again” goes through my mind every time I do this act and follow up on it. I currently have the tendency to become affiliated with peer pressure. Being with my friends and doing teenage objectives is anything but a casual moment. I’ve been peered pressure to do crazy stunts that are way over my limits but I feel liberated. But, I know that these stunts can land me in the hospital or even worst. I manage to not fall into those temptations but if I see others getting involved in it then so am I. It’s unlikely of me to do these forms of actions while I know that if I succeed then I will have more respect from my peers and myself. Thereby, creating horrible consequences that will literally scar me for the rest of my existence. If I try to counteract its effects, it’ll just keep getting worst.

The author's comments:

We are falling victims to our own well-being.

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