Barrel Bombing Is Violence to All

August 31, 2016
By thefelix12 GOLD, San Jacinto, California
thefelix12 GOLD, San Jacinto, California
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Taking place in the city of Aleppo in Syria was an act that couldn’t be forgotten. A bomb dropped by the rebels as Aleppo was located in a rebellious area. Both governments from Syria and Russia try to take control of these rebellious sections. Rebels were mainly in the Eastern part of Syria and there lied the city of Aleppo. Since July 2012, attacks from these rebels were devastating in all areas. Children crying, mother’s weeping, and father’s hoping to live a second chance as this act of ongoing violence coincides to their well-being.

Violence is still current in Syria. I’m shocked yet aware of it due to many troubling countries becoming involved in circumstances like this if they wanted to or not. These articles challenged what is perceived real and proved it through a written report. Just thinking of it makes me want to do something about it, but who am I to go to a foreign country and serve as an aid to many struggling citizens. As a matter of fact, there’s few people out there who would ever attempt to enter into this pit of fire in which those who live there call it home. These barrel bombings harmed male, female, and children physically by undertaking such trauma to their body’s and emotionally as friends, family members, and neighbors face their last days.

Obviously, threats like the attack previously mentioned involves a society and the way it’s being handled. There are lots of misleading actions that society does so many times. For example, society stepping on any small critters that can easily become squished. This goes back to the Aleppo incident because these people living there are just small creatures that coexist with each other peacefully. But, when the rebels introduce their feet to these little creatures living in this city it becomes less of a traditional home and more like a bloody pool.

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Today's world is going through difficult problems we must be aware of!

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