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Free Thoughts of Society's View on Music

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Music is within all teens comfort zones as it can keep them relaxed and content, or alive and well depending on their taste in music. Transcendentalism is a belief only an amount of people believe. Music and Transcendentalism contain quite a bit of Free Thought including isolation and independence, but society tends to ignore that and judge both music and Transcendentalism.

Everyone has a different style or taste of music that they enjoy, that makes them happy- though some people tend to disrespect the tastes of others, saying things such as “That’s a terrible song!” or “What type of crap is this?!” and so on as there are many insults referring to music tastes out there. Society tends to not realize how hurtful and cruel that one comment could appear to the other. Society needs to take the time to at least listen to the other’s taste in music. If they like it, that’s great, if not, respect it in the least or just don’t bother with it. Music contains Free Though all throughout, expressing thoughts and feelings through sounds and words, having people relate or enjoy. Society shouldn’t ruin the free thought of others.

Transcendentalism holds much of Free Thought within itself, as a lot of independence comes with free thought. Transcendentalist’s have their own thoughts and beliefs within Transcendentalism, though others with little information about Transcendentalism may see them as outsiders. The usual hippie stereotype tends to pop up on the topic of Transcendentalism. Transcendentalism has it’s own free thoughts on nature, nonconformity, etc. and that’s a huge part of Transcendentalism that society should not judge.

Music expresses free thought through sounds, voices and words. In comparison, Transcendentalism expresses free thought through isolation, independence, etc. Music shares those same traits, as teens enjoy listening to music on their own, not always in groups of people. Society tends to judge not only teens, but everyone on their taste of music. To improve society’s outlook on judging music, we all need to take a step back and listen. If it’s not enjoyable to you respect it and move on, enjoy your taste. Who wants to be judged by their own style of music?

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