The End of the World: Truth or Myth?

January 14, 2013
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May 21st 2011, Sept. 29th 2011, Oct. 21st 2011, May 27th 2012, June 30th 2012, Dec. 21st 2012, Dec. 23rd 2012, Dec. 31st 2012;
Those were all the predicted dates for the end of the world in the past year. We were expected to die so many times in just one year and fortunately for us, those predictions were wrong. In a sense, we are survivors!! But in all seriousness, this is a crisis – is the end of the world a truth or is it a myth?

As we all now know, these predictions had no truth since we are all still here today. However it was a crisis and these predictions created chaos and messed with people’s emotional state. We all know that we are going to all die someday, but so many predictions of the world ending scare people and make them worry. Just by looking at all the dates listed above, you can tell that people have no clue when the world as we know it, will be gone and that is frightening. We as humans like to feel in control of everything, so when we have something that we can't seem to figure out - we guess. And that is all those predictions for the end of the world are... guesses. Those guesses have affected people in so many terrible ways. For example, there are people who invested all of their time researching whether the apocalypse will happen and money on “safety equipment”. In more grave scenarios, people have committed suicide or gambled all of their money because they believed that they were going to die on the next day (dooms day) when really they would have had a whole life ahead of them.

These predictions are often aggravating because sometimes they are fabricated by “visionaries” just for attention. These visionaries like the publicity that it may bring to them. There have been predictions of apocalypses ever since 634 BCE. For example, back in the BCE the people believed “the world was going to end because they saw eagles flying in the sky and they declared every eagle represented 10 years of life.” In my opinion, there is no logic in that statement. Also, a man named José Luis de Jesús predicted that “On June 30th 2012, the world's governments and economies would fail, and my followers and I would undergo a transformation that would allow us to fly and walk through walls.” I am all for believing whatever you please, but if you are not 100% sure in your “vision” then don't go around spreading the word because it causes so much raucous.

As a wise-man once said “Judgment day is any day.” Thus saying whenever it is our time to leave this earth that’s when we shall go. In my opinion, I think most people including myself; believe in this quote; however some just don't want to admit it. My advice is to stop listening to what others are saying and to live life to the fullest because you never know when the world will really will come to an end. Truth or myth…as you can clearly see, the end of the world continues to be a myth!!!

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