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November 30, 2012
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Dear Mr. President,

When I think of my future I imagine myself in a hospital, helping those in need. We're at a tipping point in American history, and how we address the challenges in health care will affect not only me, but all Americans. As you know, the federal government presents Obamacare as an alternative option to private health insurance. Obamacare should not be implemented because it is costly, not the role of the government, and there are already failsafe programs such as Medicare and Medicaid in America.

As companies realize they can drop their plan to save money, they will. Their employees will be forced to take the government option. Jonathan Gruber, a health care advisor in your campaign projects that with the creation of Obamacare by 2016 health care costs will have increased by 30% in the state of Wisconsin. Taxes will also increase and the inevitable number of Americans dependent on the government sponsored insurance option continues to grow. Congressional Budget Office estimates that Obamacare as whole will most likely cost around $2.5 trillion in it's first ten years, adding to the nation’s current $16 trillion dollar debt.

The constitution does not state that the government is obligated to mandate health insurance for every American. It is not one of the fundamental roles of the federal government like those defined in the constitution: insuring national defense, protecting the borders, and managing interstate commerce. Mandating health insurance for Americans would be an invasion of individual liberties. The federal government would be impeding on the practice of medicine and preventing prospective doctors from pursuing a career because of the restrictions that would be placed on how doctors control their own medical practice. It will also make it a less lucrative career and thus fewer of our brightest minds will go into medicine, lowering quality of care.

In America there are already programs to help individuals who cannot pay for their health care costs. For example, both Medicaid and Medicare are already programs in place today. According to, if Obamacare is implemented, it will cut Medicare by $528 billion dollars, taking funding from those who currently depend on it. also stated that 18 million people will be forced to go under Medicaid, the rest accepting other government programs but still leaving millions uninsured.

The cost of Obamacare, it's invasion on American's rights, and the currently running programs that help the uninsured are all reasons why Obamacare should not be implemented. As someone who desires a future in the medical field, a government takeover of health care will limit opportunities for me and millions others.


Sara H.

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