October 28, 2012
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Poverty has many reasons. But one of the prime reasons that poverty exists in this world is wage inequality. Why is it that a bus diver in Norway makes 50 times more than a bus driver in India? Is it because the Norwegian is a better driver? One could argue that he is a better driver, due to the more extensive training he has received. However, the Indian bus driver has to dodge cows standing on the streets, barter his way through the salesmen on the roads and avoid countless potholes every day. His Norwegian counterpart, however, drives on newly tarred roads with little or no traffic on them. Therefore it is safe to say that the Indian driver is at least as skilled, if not more so, than the Norwegian. The main reason that the European earns more is immigration control. If more people like our Indian bus driver were allowed into Norway, they would provide the same services for less wages. However, because immigration contol exists, the Norwegians can demand the wages they currently receive. The Indian does not have this advantage, because the job market where he lives is already competitive enough, forcing him to accept low wages. All this proves one point: The advatages of a “free” market do not impact everyone, only the people, like us, that have had the good luck to be born in a wealthy country.

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