A Responsibility to Think

August 30, 2012
By EricH PLATINUM, Madison Heights, Virginia
EricH PLATINUM, Madison Heights, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
And before our world goes over the brink,
Teach the believers how to think.

-Philip Appleman

Most people live in a conceptualized world, more or less detached from physical reality. Our minds naturally create worlds of their own, linking a vast array of objects otherwise dissimilar in order to maximize capability. The problem is introduced by those of use, most of us, who have no practical use for this amazing ability in the lives we choose for ourselves and others. A staggering majority resides within that conceptual world forever, not realizing the power it gives us over the real, physical one. Prudently harnessed, this ability to make nearly infinite connections between themes and ideas, a human’s control over life would be unimaginable great, if only others would cooperate and do the same. Those human’s luminous beings who CAN see the value of intellect, those admirable scientists and philosophers, the mathematicians and innovators, are confined to work amongst themselves, never fully welcomed by the common person as anything reflected in humanity as a whole. It is true that great works have been done by that noble community: that we have progressed far beyond our points of origin because of their application of this power. But the constraints remain in place: the boundaries of unlimited practicality have yet to be removed, and it is the undeniable duty of the human race to usher in their destruction. It is our duty to make ourselves great, in body because of in mind, to reject any action lacking honest consideration, and to convince our fellows to do the same.

The author's comments:
Just a quick rant including a few recent thoughts.

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