An Unecessary Action- The Cuban Embargo

June 11, 2012
By TheBoulder GOLD, Plainsboro, New Jersey
TheBoulder GOLD, Plainsboro, New Jersey
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“As Latin America moves away from the U.S., there are increasing bonds between other Latin-American states and Cuba,”-(Peter Katel, Politican in the Carribean). America’s diplomatic relations with Cuba are not strong, and Cuba tends to rely on other countries such as Venezuela, for assistance. Also, relations are so bad, that at one point, Cuba wanted to bomb cities in Florida during the Cuban Missile crisis, which could have killed millions of people. Fidel Castro (Cuban dictator) would spend days and days talking about how democracy ultimately ends up as a failure such as he believes the U.S. is, and the U.S. wanted revenge. This resulted in the “Cuban Embargo.” Because of the non-existent diplomatic relations that the U.S. has with Cuba, Cuba remains the only country to which the U.S. forbids its citizens to travel, however, by lifting the embargo, the U.S. will not only resolve that issue, but will strengthen its relations with Cuba and strengthen both Cuba’s and the U.S. economy.

The main excuse for the trade embargo is to put pressure on Cubans to change their ways. Cuba’s actions not only angered U.S., but also the other Latin-American countries as well. With an exception of Venezuela, the other countries want Cuba to change its way of government, from communism to democracy, which gave even more reason to create the trade embargo, because they ended up as not the only ones that disagreed. Cuba remains the only communist country left in the western hemisphere, and it is bound to change its ways over time(hopefully). As one can see, there remains no reason to have the embargo in the first place for it has not accomplished anything, and only people suffered.

Also, Cuba relying on different countries for resources will affect us. Former Soviet Union countries have remained a longtime friend of Cuba, and Cuba relies on them for many different things, mainly oil. This will ultimately affect us, because after former Soviet Union runs out of oil, it will ask the Middle East for oil. And since former Soviet Union countries consume a lot, it will use up a lot of oil, and fast. It will also need extra to help supply Cuba with oil as well. This will decrease the amount of oil that the Middle East can give the U.S., which will make gas prices rise higher than ever before, and cause utter imbalance in economies. We must help Cuba retrieve oil from its natural reserves in Cuba, and Cuba does have a lot of oil reserves, so that it can become independent. We can only do that by first lifting the embargo, but if the U.S. does not, then it will lead to an imbalance in both the countries’ economies. We simply do not have a choice.

All in all, there is no reason to have the embargo in the first place. The original reason to have it in the first place was to show the U.S.’s dissatisfaction towards Ciba , and the missile crisis. However, the Cuban embargo has done nothing productive, and its removal could benefit everyone.. And about teaching a lesson about communism, China remains a communist country, but the U.S. still trades with it. Given the argument, keeping the embargo on Cuba is unproductive. So, why continue to have something the U.S. does not need to have?

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