The Fallacy of Neo-Conservatism

May 29, 2012
By Kidu14 SILVER, San Diego, California
Kidu14 SILVER, San Diego, California
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Misunderstandings define our problems in the world. The biggest arena for these misunderstandings is politics. Half of our country is entrenched in one camp while the other is stalwart in their beliefs too. Being a Conservative I find there to be no sense in some of the arguments that arise on the national platform. I can sit here and complain as much as I want about the other party and how their ideas are flawed, but that would be useless. The greatest people in history are always the humblest. Gandhi used peace for his aims when he could’ve led his followers on a malicious rampage but he did not. He realized his place in society and realized what his duty was to his people. When we gain pride that is when we fall. Therefore, the Neo-Conservatism that is alive in the Republican party today is terribly flawed.

The “war hawk” policy of being the world’s policemen is in direct violation of what Neo- Conservatism should be about. Ronald Reagan, the leader of this movement, wished for us to follow the Founding Fathers and what they knew was right for our country yet the two Iraq wars and the war in Afghanistan hardly convey that ideal. Our nation was and always has been a nation of merchants. From the triangular trade to the world market that is now based in New York, money has found its way into American life. The Founder’s declaration of neutrality derives itself from this fact. As history can teach us, war destroys trade. If we are to be following what our Founders believed then we should not support wars which we start. Our country can only stay great by not over-expanding. Right now our forces are scattered around the world. Why do we have a right to tell others what to do? Our world deserves to be free. Yes, there are dictators in the world but they rise and fall like any other thing in the universe. People in other countries deserve more credit than we give them. As Conservatives we must stand by our Founders and stand by the rights of our brethren in other countries.

Neo-Conservatives like to think that they support a free market, however, this conception is sorely mistaken. When it comes to the Conservatives of today, most states that turn red are the agricultural states. Right now America has a huge tariff on agricultural products so as to protect our farmers. We have the best technology in the world and yet our farmers need help? It is truly absurd to support a free market yet control the agricultural market. This control actually contributes to the obesity problem because of the high tariff on cane sugar. If that sugar was cheap then companies would use that sugar to make our food rather than high fructose corn syrup. This topic is never discussed though. When we choose a side in politics we should maintain our republican ideals. The ideal of being virtuous so as to maintain the health of our country. The ideal of freedom so that nature can work itself out in our society. As Conservatives we must deal with what is truly meant by the ideals Ronald Reagan intended for us and what our Founding Fathers intended for us.

We can complain about the Democratic party but what good is this when our own party has its problems. We have our own splits that need to be mended. Hypocrisies must be dealt with before we can show the world that our ideal is the right one. That our policies will protect this great nation.

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