The Great Thieves of Our Nation

March 8, 2012
By jamnol24 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
jamnol24 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Which political party does our president belong too? The last time I checked he happens to be a Democrat. According to recent studies, roughly, a fourth of America is Democratic and roughly, a fourth is Republican. Now wait a second is not the president of the United State of America supposed to represent ALL of his people not just a third? This leaves half of our population completely unrepresented and neglected. I believe that the leader of the greatest nation on this big blue marble should not only represent a ‘portion’ of his people. I believe that the system of political parties should be completely abolished as it constantly creates unnecessary conflict and division of the American people. Most Democrats or Republicans cannot even try to understand each other’s viewpoints creating a system of constant warfare and no gain for the citizens who elect political officials to represent them. At least, the president should not be allowed to declare affiliation with any political party, so that his election is based entirely on his morals, values, and ideas not because all Democrats are right or all Republicans have the best ideas.
While there are those who insist on the old system of political parties because when one party has more supporters in the senate of the house they can move bills past a gridlock state. However, if we had no parties then only the bills that really mattered and were beneficial to America would be passed. There would be no gridlock because the politicians would rally behind a bill that supported the population and not a bill that supported their party. With the political party system, all the Republicans rally behind a bill that they want passed because it supports their portion of the U.S. and all the Democrats fight that bill to the bitter end because they don’t believe it supports their portion of the country. These politicians fight their battles on the basis of Republican or Democratic not for the people or against the people, as it should be.
Some may also argue that some candidates and politicians can only get funding and publicity by belonging to a party. If there were no parties at all then the news stations themselves would also change and would eventually be forced to offer free publicity to any candidate for presidency or politician because the news stations could no longer be biased towards a party. On the issue of funding, the business leaders and rich and wealthy of America would pick that candidate that would best support the population, not the corrupt candidate that wears a red tie so he must be great. With no political parties, much of the culture and media of America would change. Radio and news stations would report on all the important issues not all the grand old party’s issues and events the fall in line with their beliefs.
Now with all of these arguments out of the way, the only issue left to address is those people that avidly and rigidly fight for their political parties and would take their slogans into the deepest pits of Tartarus before they gave it up (not going to say any names *cough* *cough* Michael Reeves). To these people who will listen to no reasoning except for that of their own color, I can only say one thing. America has been living by a bipartisan system for so long it has infested our entire culture and media and look where it got us. We are in one of the deepest economical sinkholes in American history and people cannot even tell if things are getting better or worse because of the constant battle between red and blue, Republican and Democrat, Donkey and Elephant. Bills are not passed in the senate or the house because the greatest grudge match in history takes precedence over the survival of the greatest nation in the world. The only way to get change in what happens is to change the system of how things happen.
As defined by the dictionary, the word ‘gang’ is a group of people or an organized body who form together especially for illegal or criminal purposes. Well, since 1993, 47 politicians have been convicted of crimes such as theft, sexual harassment, perjury, and obstruction of justice. Not a single one of those politicians were independents and that list only includes those convicted not the ones who have had charges brought against them. Going by this information, could one not suggest that the political parties of today are gangs? Political parties have many of the signs that police officers look for when scanning crowds for gang members. They each wear a specific color, many commit felonies and they have their own symbols, just like any Crypt or Blood, which both happen to claim the same colors as the Democrats and Republicans. Now political debates and campaigning has become more of a gang war then a true election. Ads no longer promote the candidates, but instead target others. Burger King once released a statement saying they would not attack McDonald’s because the number one rule of advertising is never harm the product. Why would Burger King bash on burgers if that is what they sell? Well why do politicians bash on each other when all it does is destroy their product, which is supposed to be a better life and good judgment? While the gang theory may be a stretch, it cannot be ignored that glorified thieves and hustlers that siphon our countries wealth and power under the pretense of fighting for us have control of our system of governing. Politicians these days have evolved into the cleverest criminals in the world, the ones that can steal from people while still making them believe they are helping them.
Mark Twain once said, “Politicians and diapers should be changed often and for the same reasons”. The only way to solve the problems of America and get us back on the track of world leader and superpower, is to do just what Mark Twain suggested and do away with the soiled politicians and the entire bipartisan system that has festered in the bowels of our great nation. Congress has become a second grade grudge match and I for one am tired of watching an endless battle that is killing our country. The majority of the American population watches helplessly while our elected officials who were supposed to support us run rampant in a glorified gang war. I no longer have the will to fight and I know much of America feels the same way. The political parties must be destroyed just as if you would any other malicious group that corrupts and destroys its surrounding neighborhood. Similar to any gang in Los Angles, steps must be taken to suffocate its life force eventually ending its existence. That is the lifeline for the American people to get out of its sinkhole of despair and depression.

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