Advice for Michelle Bachman

August 17, 2011
By Daydreambeliever57 SILVER, Brockport, New York
Daydreambeliever57 SILVER, Brockport, New York
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When I first heard of Michelle Bachman, I thought she was crazy. I was told that she was running for president, and laughed, thinking she was just another Sarah Palin. After announcing this to my mother, she told me that Bachman sort of was, but Bachman had a better chance of winning than Palin. This was because Bachman was a lot more powerful and much less silly than Sarah Palin. That fact scared me a little. About a month went by before I heard of her again. This time they were calling her a feminist, purely out of the fact that she had a chance of being the first woman president. This appalled me. What true feminist doesn’t believe in gay marriage? Or tells us “Be submissive wives. Be submissive to your husbands.”? Being curious, I decided to follow her campaign further. I heard that she had mistakenly said that the battle of Lexington and Concord had taken place in New Hampshire, when it really took place in Massachusetts. She mixed up John Wayne, and John Wayne Gacy. Just in this past week she wished Elvis Presley happy birthday on the anniversary of his death. I found that she was Christian to a point where she believed Christianity should be taught in all schools. Well what about people who aren’t Christian? I don’t have anything against Christians, or any other faith, but saying that people who aren’t Christian should be, is just wrong. So, here is my advice to Michelle Bachman, and any future candidate for the presidency:

1. Don’t tell people that being gay is wrong. People should be allowed to feel however they want to, and they shouldn’t be prohibited from marrying someone of the same gender.

2. Don’t tell people that Christianity is the only right faith. America is about having free rights, and that includes freedom of religion.

3. Don’t tell women that they should follow everything there husband says. Though it is stated in the bible, the Bible was written more than two thousand years ago. It is near impossible to follow everything the Bible says.

4. Please get your facts straight. You are only embarrassing yourself.

5. Don’t call President Obama a one term president. He has a much better chance of winning the presidency than you.

The author's comments:
I apologize if this offends anyone. Please, do excuse me for stating what I think.

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