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July 14, 2011
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The Government (The Conservative Party) are ruining England. David Cameron is bringing England down and down each day. The cuts he is making are unbelievable. He is cutting child benefits and paying teachers less. Old people are also suffering from cuts. It was known that last winter an old lady was without heating for a week. I know they are trying to budget but what the government are doing is not budgeting it is causing the public problems. These days people can't afford to pay for bills and by reducing wages isn't going to help at all. I would not be surprised if people started being kicked out of houses because they can not afford to pay their bills. There are two options on how to resolve this problem. Option 1 is to get a new government and Option 2 is to sit down and discuss on how they can budget and not cause everyone chaos. I am not the only one who believes this if you ask most people in England they shall agree.

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