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June 22, 2011
By Ryan Pastircak BRONZE, New Philadlephia, Ohio
Ryan Pastircak BRONZE, New Philadlephia, Ohio
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In a world that is so interconnected that distance poses no obstacle to communication, inventing a new style of writing, photography or fashion can seem overwhelming and to some extent, pointless. Keeping up with the evolving trends is difficult enough, let alone creating something that is all your own. Technology is revolutionizing the way we interact as a global community. We no longer have to turn on the television to catch up on the latest news. We now turn on our monitors instead. And with so much instant access to this information, ideas evolve much more rapidly than ever thought possible.

Inventing a totally new idea is becoming unachievable. But what we need to realize is that rather than inventing something new, we need to reinvent something that was once old. Take an idea that is obsolete, and mold it until something fresh is created. Throw order to the wind and step across the boundaries of, “normal.” To achieve success in an area, which has been un-explored, we must be willing to take the necessary risks. We must contain the courage to let go of everyday thinking to turn out extraordinary results.

Times are changing quicker than ever, which only presents us with more opportunities to add our own changes to the list. We cannot present apathy and let others do the work for us. In a world that relies on teamwork to advance towards the future, a lack there of could subsequently be dangerous to our roles as citizens and human beings. Every player has to do his or her share to help substain homeostasis- a balance on the tightrope we call “order.” People like Mark Zuckerburg, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin help keep us balanced as we advance in time as well as technology.

Our next feat is arising to the test of meeting the standards set by these great minds. As we turn the page of time, new names will appear that represent the pioneers who forged into territory that was once unconquerable. Today the future is unclear to us. Tomorrow… well that may change.

The author's comments:
IT just seems like even with all the inspiration we have, something new is still tough to come by.

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