South Africa : Apartheid

May 19, 2011
By ilostmypen SILVER, Cape Town, Other
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Throughout the hard times of Apartheid, several people around the world watched in awe at what is said to be one of South Africa’s hardest times. Although many felt powerless to fight against such a calamity, people throughout the world were indeed touched by the stories of injustice and discrimination.

South Africans were, and still are, a very strong nation. They were ambitious, optimistic, and enjoyed the graces of life. Sadly this all went disrupt when Apartheid domed on our nation. The people were afraid, their dreams and hopes were broken, their optimism was watched away, and the majority incapable of a smile.

Some hid away, acknowledging the lies that were being fed to them. That they were inferior, that they were of less value that the world didn’t want of them anymore. And then they were others that fought; they stood up for their rights and fought. It was a risk that some were prepared to take, going to such drastic extents one couldn’t possibly imagine.

My Grandfather, Robert Sobukwe, leader of the PAC, was one of them. On the 21st of March the Sharpsville massacre was held by the PAC. It was a protest against the injustice of their land, of what they had to go through in order to be alive.

My mother, daughter of Sobukwe, often tells me stories about how life was then. Being excluded from schools, restaurants, public bathrooms gave her a different impression on life. So much pain was shed over black families, there was darkness and fear. Young teenagers would be beaten up for no reason; the people would lose their jobs. One had to struggle in order to earn enough money for bread.

Throughout the years things only got worse, causing my mother to flee the country to go to the States in order to continue her studies.

It is now year 2010, Apartheid long behind in the past, yet there still seems to be a sense of insecurity. For example the Presidency Elections; very few people look at the intentions of our future Presidents, but at the color of their skin. It’s sad, but understanding. Although technically Apartheid is over, South Africans have gone through so much, it seems it will still be awhile until Apartheid, through the minds of our nation, has actually ‘ come to an end’.

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