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May 3, 2011
By callaannkessler1 SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
callaannkessler1 SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
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“And now, ladies and gentleman, the President of the United States!” That introduction has a ring to it, don’t you think? I mean can you even imagine being the president? It would be quite the job, but there are positive and negatives to the position.

Naturally, being president would present some challenges. Can you imagine the paparazzi constantly trying to take your picture? Snapping their cameras, trying to get an embarrassing shot? Lady GaGa thought that she had it bad. You would have virtually no privacy. Your business is the country’s business. If I were president, I would resign due to the lack of personal life. Also, the president is constantly getting bashed and criticized. I couldn’t handle the constant stream of cruel words by my opposers. I would break down and cry. The president doesn’t get paid enough, either. Making only 400,000 dollars a year on a 24/7 shift job wouldn’t satisfy me. Pro-athletes like Tiger Woods would get paid more than me, with a salary that can go up to 110 million dollars a year. I said decision-making was a perk of presidency, but it can also be a burden. There is a lot of pressure making a decsion that won’t please everyone and can harm the country. If I were president, I would need to take some etiquette classes because you have to do everything perfectly or the media will tear you apart. Being president, you face assassination. People are bound to hate you for not making choices they wanted you to, so some crazy people will turn to violence. Before you consider running for president, you’d better think long and hard about the pros and cons, seeing which one will weigh more in the long run.

Decision-making is an extremely important element in the presidency. If I were president, there are several issues to fix on my list. I would begin with the war. I am against violence, but I believe we must finish the job before we just leave. It’s not fair to the innocent people in the Middle East, whose countries are in ruins, to just leave. It’s not fair to the soldiers who have died, whose battle was fought in vain. You finish what you start, and that is what we have been taught all these years in school. America is the country that people look up to because we are all for independence. I think it is an obligation of our nation to save those who are oppressed. As for health care, I would not nationalize it. Anything that is government-controlled does not have a good record, like welfare. Good intentions are not always enough to ensure the success of a program. Also, abortion would become illegal under my authority. Killing an innocent baby is wrong, no matter how young the baby is in development. Although these decisions are controversial, they are my personal opinions.

If I were president, I would do many things, make numerous decisions, meet foreign people, and govern the country. Considering all the factors and outcomes of presidency, I might even resign. But either way, the country needs a leader. If I were president, I would make sure that is what the nation has.

I have a generally Conservative point of view, and I believe that if the president applied such ideas to some of his policies today, our nation would be in somewhat better shape.

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President Point of View

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