Why China Will Dominate the World and Why We Should Be Against It

January 31, 2011
By AmyFanRetaken GOLD, Temple City, California
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In the today's world, we witness the growth of developing countries in their struggles to become a more perfect modern society. However, rarely has the world seen a country so steeped in will to revolutionize itself. In only sixty years, a country in turmoil rose up the ranks like a phoenix from ashes, now ready to steal the throne from the financially-woeful United States. Thanks to a few generations of hard work and powerful leadership, the "old man of Asia," has changed itself into an economic superpower. But is all so perfect about China, and should we be welcoming the arrival of a new conqueror?

With China's brinkmanship methods of furthering its status, there is little doubt that it will soon succeed past the U.S. and the other nations. Ambitious to a fault, China jumps at every opportunity to become more recognized in the Western-dominated world. After the controversial decision by the Olympic Committee to choose Beijing for the 2008 Olympics, China spent an estimated amount of $40 billion, exceeding the Athens budget by triple the amount. Eager and desperate to please, they extend their economic hands abroad, especially to the United States, now manufacturing 40% of all American products, 75% of that as toys for children. Consider for a moment that China has succeeded in making their strongest rival completely dependent on them. However, not all of China's endeavors have been successful. China is often criticized for the poor quality of the products, such as lead or dangerous parts found in toys, and the 2008 Chinese milk scandal, shocking the world with political corruption and food regulation neglect. In regards to its blunders, the Chinese government now takes extra precautions in securing its image, bringing in stricter rules and more desperate censorship.

In every aspect, China is the embodiment of the gung-ho, "seize-all" philosophy. China has a reputation for being particularly ruthless, even since Mao Zedong's rule. Hailed as the reason for China's rise to brilliance, Mao is criticized for creating the greatest genocide known to history today -- 40 to 70 million of his people, all who did not conform to his communist ideals. China received additional criticisms in 1989, when the government gunned down 2,600 peaceful college protestors and tried to censor the evidence. Today, China is heavily criticized for their violent involvements with Tibet, their incessant badgering and denial of Taiwan, and of course, the friendly trade agreement with Sudan, bathing in oil while millions of Darfuris die by bullets from Chinese-manufactured guns. Seeped in the infringement of civil rights, China's iron fist extends directly to its own citizens as well as the victims of international affairs. China's first and only Nobel Peace Prize winner is currently serving time for choosing to exercise free speech, one thing that China does not endorse.

If it is not clear to the world why China should not be a role model and leader of the world, it should be clear to the world that China's pursuit of supremacy is to no one's benefit except the egos of its "representatives." China cares little for its 2.6 billion people, most of them impoverished and restricted in reproduction, nor does it care for other countries, handing escaping North Koreans to a crazed ruler and threatening to nuke all those who dare criticize it. As well as a gung-ho persona, China is the embodiment of apathy, political corruption, and the thirst of power. There is nothing we can do to staunch the growing tidal wave of China, and in a few decades, we will all be wiped out.

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