Sexting Can Ruin Your Life

December 3, 2010
By S.P.S.16 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
S.P.S.16 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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I have watched Degrassi and there is this girl Allie who was deeply in love with her boyfriend who was a senior boy and he begged her to send picture so she went to her room and took nude pictures of herself. There for, he promised not to show anyone and so then she asked him to send a non nude picture and so he did but she put it around school and so he grabbed his phone and PUSHED SEND TO ALL! Allie had just got a picture of herself showing the whole school. That is why sexting can ruin your life time!

For example, thousands of teenagers have made this mistake in life and some regret and some don't even care. A percentage of 37% teen girls have send nude pictures to some on said New ABC. Also, 48% receive the pictures. Even 20% adults send pictures around. When those pictures get forward your whole life is changed. Getting jobs well be hard because even if you sent that message 15 years ago. Trust me those people well know that you have sent nude pictures to someone and then it well be around the city/town again. Do you want that?

For instance, did you know you can get charged for send nude pictures if your a minor. Well you can get charged serious felony charges if you sent it to some one and they got it and turned you in, police well be finding you and you can get charged. To point out, one of the most common charge is that you can be legally filed as a sex offender and that well stay in your file for life. Also, you can be known as a cyber bully. There is a law that you can not possess or forward suggestive photos.

Another fact is, when the pictures are sent around the person who was in the picture get depressed. Why they get depressed is because of their peers. Their peers can discourage or bring down the victim because of the photo. Rumors are spread around and now the person is labeled as a “ Slut ”. Then she might even turn to the result of commending suicide. CNN says about 22% of people commit suicide for having stupid mistakes like sexting. People E-mail these pictures, forward, etc. THEY CAN BE SENT ANYWHERE!

How ever, people mostly girls say they send theses pictures to the boyfriends/ girlfriends because they are deeply in love with them. Boys always “ PROMISE ” they well not show anyone but really? Come on ladies.... they are going to be telling there buddies they got a piece of action last night and they end up showing them and they want it sent to them. So he well. Now who has it? His little buddy and it well be getting sent around to them. Some don't regret it and some do.

I under stand you want to be with your boyfriend forever so you’ll do it to keep him...... but I wouldn’t even if they asked and promised. Girls I am sorry but come on I am a 14 year old girl who has nothing to do with sexting and I can still keep a dang boyfriend with out sending them around!!!!

So if you know someone who has sexted or is wanting to tell them to think before they act. Once they are sent it is with you your whole life. I know some people who has have pictures of their self sent around and trust me THINK! Sexting can make a big difference in your life and you well regret it you might not think you well but karma comes flying right back at cha. :)

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Question said...
on Jul. 17 2014 at 12:18 pm
Do u know the episode that scene of Degrassi mentioned above is from? I wish to use it for an oratory.

jjjj said...
on Apr. 28 2012 at 1:11 pm
it's "will" not "well"....

on Jan. 15 2011 at 4:13 pm
id just like to say that as long as your of legal age its not going to ruin your life. it might cause a little bit of embarrasement but that happens to everyone.

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