Life's Choices

June 30, 2010
By blondey SILVER, Lyones, Oregon
blondey SILVER, Lyones, Oregon
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I am the author of my life, unfortunately I am writing in pen so I can't erase my mistakes.

Life goes on and on, time and time again. But life we win. To chose are own path. Sometimes people chose it for us. We can’t always make the right chooses in life but we can cherish them for the brief time we have. To live in the moment is to freeze time and live there longer than any other time. It will stay in are minds for ever. We all say that we are going to live are lives to the fullest, but all we really do is waist them away. Like when adults tell there kids not to smoke and they have a cigarette with them, then they do nothing to try and stop it. If you were to look around today and see the world from a different point of view, it can before the bad or good. There is hardly any good in the world any more. A new baby, that will bring joy to the family and hopefully change the world too. But them there are those who get pregnant and don’t want there child. If you look through my eyes you will see life in a different way. The people are changing but the world, Mother Nature her self is behind and can’t keep up to help us. We have started global warming, and we need to end it. If we were to start now, it would be much easer to stop. But how long will this go on till people will start to really believe. Does it have to get so bad to where it will take one hundred years to fix. Or will people stat to believe sooner. Speaking of the people, where are ours. The people, the fathers, mothers, draughts, sons, and friends that used to be there for us. Well they are off protecting a country that doesn’t want us there. That keep on kill and destroying us and them. The war going on is putting people in a depressed state. Every day someone dies, if you were to fell there pain. I would be a horrifying thing. A death, is the badest thing right now. And if you were to fell that pain every time someone was to die from the war, you would pass out for the longest time. No one knows what I am talking a bout till they have had someone very close to them pass a horrible death. They might be dieing for there honor but not for mine.

The author's comments:
The view upon life is different for each peoson and this is mine.

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