Blackalicious, Deception

June 10, 2010
By Anonymous

“Don’t let money change ya,” over and over said the man in the Blackalicious crew. To me, this quote is strongly stated because it’s saying money can change the outcome of who you are. By having plenty of money, focusing on the material objects of life is allowing money to trash your thoughts with unnecessary selfishness. By this, purchasing those objects that are not worthy, don’t make you think of possessions you only need because of the money load. Overtime, you will be focusing on your popularity, and in return, this will progressively decrease your character.

The music group Blackalicious also has other songs that talk about living life to the fullest by staying humble and modest. The song Deception explains it perfectly. It is about a man that grew up in the ghetto, and perused his goals by becoming a professional rapper. Once his talents progressed, he started making a lot of money and was focusing on buying specific clothing, houses, and other accessories just for himself. Unfortunately, his talents for rapping decreased, along with his character, and the karma that was built up. Eventually, he became broke and his records stopped selling instantly. If you want to be successful, one must utilize their gifted talent to the fullest and stay humble. With all the money you earn, don’t let it control you, but instead you can control it.

Not only does their music emphasize the importance of living life with a thankful and humble heart through the cleverly, worded lyrics, but it also keeps one engaged by
Rocereto 2
the catchy beats that make the song complete. It starts out with a slow thumping beat to get your mindset immediately attentive. Then within the next twenty seconds the d.j. scratches the disk making an addictive, intriguing noise. It keeps the same beat throughout the whole song while Gift of Gab, a rapper in the Blackalicious crew, raps some mad, lyrical rhymes. This song keeps your attention at the edge of your seat, and you will want to rewind it over and over again.

Personality, I listen to this song at anytime. I listen to Deception especially when I start off the day because of its positive, influential lyrics. This song keeps me grounded, and further more it helps me realize that my life is full of many good things. In conclusion, don’t let money change you, and be humble and thankful for what you already have.

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writter guy said...
on Jun. 15 2010 at 10:48 pm
whoa this is tight!


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