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May 19, 2010
By ZachJ BRONZE, Monticello, Utah
ZachJ BRONZE, Monticello, Utah
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What is going on with America today? Everything you hear these days is about what’s
going on in Washington and with the economy. It’s not good. What I am mainly going to address is the health care bill, which was recently passed. My first quarrel with the bill is that it is two thousand pages long and no one has really read or ever will read the bill, anyone that could make a difference anyways.

Now down to one of the bigger problems, this is essentially government run health care. Our economy is what called a capitalistic economy where the free market (market without government interference) is supposed to govern the economy. The government taking over the health care system is doing exactly that. They have done it with other things like bailing out General Motors and Chrysler; also the cash for clunkers is the same kind of deal. The government shouldn’t have a say in any of these things.

Tell me, if you had two options between two of the same items, one you had to pay for and one was free. Which one would you choose? No brainer, the free option. Now tell me what happens to the company that provided the option you had to pay for? They loose profit. Now take this on a large scale, the company will eventually go out of business. This is exactly what will happen if we enforce government run health care. It will destroy the private sector for health care there for even further crippling the economy and boosting the unemployment rate farther than it already is.

The fact is, the government can’t be trusted. Obama told us the unemployment percentage in America would not go above eight percent, then he changed his mind to nine percent, it ended up going above ten. He told us he was going to get the troops out of Iraq; currently we have more troops in Iraq than ever before. Now I really don’t want to trust anyone that has made all those promises and hasn’t kept a single one of them, especially with my medical records. They will be able to decide if you get the care you need or not, based on what they think you may live or die. You may even have to wait years to get the care you need because people will be going to the hospital every time they have a cough.

Now you may say,” what about all the Americans that don’t have health care?” The truth is that only fifteen percent of Americans as of now don’t have healthcare. It’s not worth it to take away the excellent health care and get rid of all the benefits to the economy that the health care industry has to the other eighty five percent of Americans that have it.

This bill will also cost eighty billion dollars right off the bat and will cost more as long as it goes on. Now if you know how deep America is already in debt you know that we cant afford to throw away another eighty billion dollars towards a horrible plan. Do you know where that eighty billion dollars will come from? The hard working American. Your parents. And eventually you. Now that is more money the government will already be taking out if your back pocket. Do you want that?

Currently health care is very expensive. But the last thing it needs is the government taking it over. Its going to cost to much, ruin the free market, cause even more job losses and sacrifice our fairly decent health care for a ridiculous plan that takes away benefits and puts all the decisions to be made concerning your health in the hands of the government. We need a different solution. Let your voice be heard and stop this ridiculous plan from being enforced.

The author's comments:
I was just thining about it and i had an assignment in english class so i wrote this.

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on Aug. 7 2010 at 2:17 pm
coolstudygirl GOLD, Vermilion, Ohio
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Have you ever heard of Universal Health Care? I guess not it's the same way and everyone wants us to have it. You do not see Canada in a big crisis because they have it.


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