The Divided States of America

May 17, 2010
By -DCT- BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
-DCT- BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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America; a nation forged by unity is today a nation plagued by political division. Ever day, no matter the news source no matter the time of day, you'll hear about the latest political conflicts between republicans and democrats. Every day they argue back and forth over how to handle an issue whether it be the economy, the wars, health care, education, or immigration there is never a consensus on what would be the best approach to the issue, only argument. While debate is a positive part of of our democratic system it often amounts to the all to familiar “my way is right your way is wrong” partisanship.

The United States of America was able to gain its independence against impossible odds of the mighty British Empire because of the unity of all the colonies working together toward the same goal of independence. Our politicians should manifest this unity in how they they work for our country. If our political leaders worked together there is no telling how effectively our nation's issues can be solved. One thing they should try is simply some common curiosity. If each side presented a solution for a problem, clearly stating how their solution could work, both sides could discuss the best course of action while using elements from both ideas to devise a plan that benefits all of America instead of one part or one type of citizen, instead of creating an obscure five hundred or so paged monster bill that one side puts out without consent from the other .

America has been the nation that has lead the world politically since after World War II. How can we continue to portray to other nations that our government system works if we are constantly working against one another for political gain or just because they are a republican or democrat. Our leaders should listen to all ideas no matter the political party. Our nation was been through too much and we are experiencing too many problems to be stopped by partisan bickering because as the saying goes “ united we stand or divided we fall”.

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