The STANDUP Act and GDL affect on teenagers

January 22, 2010
By Mia Reichert BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mia Reichert BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I support this act. Although at first glance this seems very unfair to teenagers, but you have to think about t effects in the long run.

The writer states that the GDL can reduce teen car crashes up to 40%. That’s a drastic number of people that can avoid the risk of death or any fatal injury.

A conflict which is very apparent is that the act will take away teenager’s freedom and affect their schedules, but there are many other options. I personally do not have a license and am not really affected. Although I rely on others for transportation, I’m reducing my chances for accidents and help out my family financially by not using my own car.

Teens need to realize that there are more important things to focus on during this time of their life, instead of driving everywhere and socializing. A lot of them don’t recognize the harsh reality that is life until they are going to college, because they were always with friends or elsewhere. There are many other modes of transportation they can use: walking, biking, carpool when necessary, subways, and buses.

In the long run, this can positively affect teenagers lives in the future.

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