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Keep Criminals Where They Belong

January 10, 2010
By Matt Scott SILVER, Cypress, Texas
Matt Scott SILVER, Cypress, Texas
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How would you feel if you were going to school with a murder? Would you feel unsafe and frustrated, asking your self how is this possible for a young murder to be back in school? Well I’m positive that students don’t want to go to school with a murder, and for sure parents don’t because it’s harming their children’s lives. Then why do the courts let young criminals get away with punishments that don’t fit their crime they committed? Which causes the criminals to come back to the normal society that innocent Americans live in and perhaps take more lives. These young criminals need to receive punishment that fits the crime they have committed and not basing the punishment on their age.

Many dispute that the young ages of the criminals have everything to due to the punishment they receive. I strongly disagree; these young criminals are committing huge and dangerous crimes such as murder and rape. They know that right from wrong and murder is something that is definitely wrong. I know many students and including me that are at this teen age that know killing somebody is wrong. When the court system keeps letting young murders back on the streets, the young thugs are going to see that the punishment is not so bad, so they are going to keep on killing. Until we start trailing them as adults they will see the seriousness and immoral crimes they are committing. These criminals know that there is a loophole in the court system they know if they kill somebody and they go to court. The punishment is simply going to be rehabilitation. Juveniles know that rehab is a joke it’s a walk in the park. All they have to do is be good, follower the rules, and just show up to there meetings. That’s great for them, after they blow that off there back on the streets doing the same things! Rehab doesn’t work for these juveniles, it’s proven almost all criminals commit multiple crimes after going to rehab. They don’t understand that the crimes they’re committing are dreadful because the court system is treating them like children with these weak punishments. Well there not children because normal children don’t kill people! So people who kill people deserve in prison! People say when juveniles are sent to prison they are “ abused and come out more dangerous than when they went in”(Hendricks 2). That’s bizarre that they he would say that. If the criminals go to prison and came out worse than you should be put back into prison because obviously they haven’t learned their lesson. The all point they went in there was because they were a danger to society and if they came out the same way then they have to go back. If they can’t act like a man in prison than so be it, they decided that someone’s life wasn’t important enough for them to live.

Teens have many decisions to make over there life that will affect their future. They will make good and bad decisions and when they make those bad decisions they need to learn their lesson, so they will have a brighter future. When learning you lesson and fixing your problem isn’t supposed to be enjoyable and pleasant its supposed turn you out of a criminal. The greatest way to do that is treat you like a criminal and send the juveniles to prison for the right punishment. That’s why we need to fit crimes with punishments no matter on how young and precious they are because looks can be deceiving. Which you have to base punishments strictly on the crime they committed.

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