Juvenile hall or Jail?

January 13, 2010
By chud36 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
chud36 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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A young pregnant woman is brutally murders because someone tried to steal her car. Now the first thing you would say if you were in the jury and you heard this Jail for life, but what if I told you that that someone was only sixteen years old? What would you say this kid is just a minor but he or she has committed a serious crime to get a normal adult into prison for life, would you send him to juvenile hall or Jail?

Well this case was not real but there was a case “In lieu of 11-year-old Jordan Brown murdering his father’s pregnant girlfriend because he was “jealous””(Wilde 1). So the big question everyone is asking is should children go to jail for murder, rape, or just stealing or should kids just juvenile hall. This is a very sensitive argument and I take it as if the crime is just terrible such as murder or rape, children t should be tried as adults for acting as if they were adults. On the other side children shouldn’t be tried for stealing or something minor like that. There are many cases were children were let off to easily such as:
In 1993, 2-year-old Jamie Bulger living in Bootle, England, was taken by two 10-

year-old boys and was mutilated and murdered. The two boys then laid his body on a
railroad track with the intention of causing substantial injury which would cover up what they had done to the child. The murderers were tried and convicted as minors and the boys have since been relocated and given new identities. (Widle 1) I think this is

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ridiculous because they killed someone and all that happened was that they got relocated they should have been convicted of murder as sentenced to jail. Also you have to put into account what if you were the parents of that pregnant girlfriend who was beaten to death and all that happened to thoughts boys was they get relocated and try to forget about it but that family will never forget what happen.

There are lots of people how think differently though such as Mike Hendricks who wrote Stop trying 13-year-olds in court as adults. I disagree with him because he clams “The fact is, kids are not adults. Their brains are wired differently. They don’t think things out they way we do”(Hendricks 1). Which is false because even though children have undeveloped brains they still have common sense just like any adult. Imagine you as a teenager about fifteen or sixteen and you hurt somebody accidently you feel compaction and you what to help that person as fast as possible, but others are just cruel and enjoy hurting others and toughs are the people you cant help because they are born that way and the only way to discipline them I jail. I feel like if a child can commit murder they can be in jail for what they have done also children wont take juvenile hall as serious as jail. So what can we do to stop this, well I believe that if we don’t send them to jail then they will never learn from their mistakes. Also this is only for the extreme cases such as murder, rape, robbing at gun point, thoughts are very bad and I a kid doesn’t know that that is wrong to do than he needs help and he needs to see what happens when you do these crimes and the penalty for them.

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So what if you were one of the family members that a child killed your son or daughter or wife and he or she is sent away to juvenile for a couple of years and he or she went back into there everyday life and didn’t change ready to hurt again this is what could happen if children are allowed to go unpunished. I believe that punishment should fit the crime and if children are getting away with murder or rape just because they are under age. Will juvenile hall work I think for some but for most or even just a few it wont and thoughts kids will be out to hurt someone else and is that what you want?

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