Tough Times

January 11, 2010
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Before I was told that I was going to a private high school, I couldn’t wait until high school. Though the local high school is rumored to be really “dangerous,” I would be with all of my friends. I would know a lot of people at the school, and would be able to hang out with my friends. That all changed when my parents told me the news. I would not see any of my close friends for a long time, most of them I will never see again.
“Nice to meet you,” I responded to almost everyone I saw. I was very nervous; the butterflies in my stomach had turned to wasps. Though everyone seemed nice, I was still unsure about them. I was at Camp Mustang, and it seemed everyone knew everyone else, except for me. Everyone knew who I was, but no one really “knew” me. I couldn’t consider calling them my friends yet, but I was getting there, I was still unhappy with my parents’ choice.
It was very upsetting, telling people the bad news. I didn’t want to go, but I had to. My mom told me I would meet new friends at Camp Mustang. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know anyone there, if I did, I didn’t remember who they were. It was a very disappointing experience for me, and my parents could tell that I didn’t really meet anyone new because of the depressed look I had on my face. Even looking back, I still can’t say I really enjoyed it though I thought I would. However, I realized that the Camp Mustang week isn’t how I should go through high school, so I hope that the next four high school years will be as best as I can make it.

At my old school everyone knew me, and I was a friend to everyone. Leaving them was hard, but it had to be done. Many questions flowed through my head, “Will I ever see my friends again? If I do, will being around them be any different? I wonder if we can still meet up like the old days.” It is getting harder and harder to see them again, but I am still moving on with my life, almost as if I never knew them. I can’t let that happen because I did know them, and they were the best.

At least now I have a group of friends I can hangout with. Though I miss my old friends, I will have to make new friends. I want to have friends, so I won’t be the “loser who doesn’t have friends,” which would be weird, not saying that I am just using them, I am just glad I have friends. Still, I hope I can still keep my old friends.

I have met a lot of my friends through the sports that I play. I don’t really have that many from my sports, but that’s only because I only play soccer. I still have tennis to meet friends. My brother told me the people he hung out with when he was a freshman were now the people he doesn’t really talk to. His friends are the ones he met trough his sports, most of them through tennis. This is why I cannot wait until my other sports actually start, so I can meet my friend like my brother did because he was and is very successful in school and in friendships. I also look up to him because of his accomplishments.

It’s very hard to keep friends and meet new ones during transitions in your life. I hope I can do this task so I won’t risk losing any friends. I wonder to my self if they would forget me, but I try not to think about it because I know they won’t. Then again, maybe my friends will forget me, maybe they won’t… I hope not.

School now is actually a lot better than what I thought. I have a good group of friends and I like the same sports as them. These friends might be the ones who I will stay with for the rest of high school, or they might be only my friends through my freshmen year. It’s high school, who knows what could happen?

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