NCLB: An Apocalypse

December 4, 2009
By Anonymous

In 2001, The Bush administration passed a landscape-changing bill titled the No Child Left Behind Act. Openly criticized by the general public for its unlawful actions and inability to execute its intentions, No Child Left Behind passed. Instead of reflection upon the negative aspects of a bill that has obviously failed, we will look to the somewhat positive aspects of this controversial bill. No Child Left Behind has left a positive footprint in the department of education because it has lead to the dawn of better students, a plethora of skilled educational professionals, and studious school administrators. “For America's nine-year-olds in reading, more progress was made in five years than in the previous 28 combined. America's nine-year-olds posted the best scores in reading (since 1971) and math (since 1973) in the history of the report. America's 13-year-olds earned the highest math scores the test ever recorded. Reading and math scores for African American and Hispanic nine-year-olds reached an all-time high. Math scores for African American and Hispanic 13-year-olds reached an all-time high. Achievement gaps in reading and math between white and African American nine-year-olds and between white and Hispanic nine-year-olds are at an all-time low. In the last two years, the number of fourth-graders who learned their fundamental math skills increased by 235,000—enough to fill 500 elementary schools!” Students are performing better on tests and are becoming smarter, which is a clear benefit to Academic Achievement. This has a couple of implications for society. First, society cannot overcome these national standards. Secondly, society is not willing to do so, and thirdly because society would not benefit from investing such money at the time. For those reasons, must negate the NCLB and look at the positive effects of it before weighing it and concluding it as a negative treaty.

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