Katrina: We Haven't Forgotten

October 1, 2009
It was a foggy, gray day on August 29, 2005. New Orleans lay completely confident, behind the secure walls of its levee, expecting nothing more than a category three hurricane. Little did they know that history would not only be born that day, but the next week in half as well.

Everything seemed to be going as planned the storm had passed and everyone was safe. Suddenly, a riveting explosion like force shook the grounds of New Orleans. The levve had broken and a resident of New Orlean's worst nightmare came true.

This was the scene for confident New Orlean's residents that decided to stay home for the storm and not pack there belongings and leave. Lives were lost, houses were flooded, and mercanaries and taken control over the city.

Why ? How could such a catastrophe take place ? And how the hell did our leves break ? The default belief is that the water's force against the leve was overwhelming and the leve broke. "What about the loud boom?", some might inquire. The default reason is that when the leves broke that it was the sound it made.

However i believe that leves of New Orleans were blown up intentionally by the US government for a few reasons actually. There has been a lot of reasons and misjudgements as to why the leves were blown. It is NOT because America hates black people. That is nothing but a sterotype to lead the mind astray from the true reason.

New Orleans was flooded for two main reasons. One of the reasons was to obliderate the base of a rebellion uprising in
New Orleans. The newly re-born Black Liberation Army was planing a series of attacks to "liberate" and "free" america.

The second reason was for the refurbishing of New Orleanss. This has been planned for ten years, the hurricane was nothing but a brilliant cover up. Once New Orlean's is refurbished the value of anything will be too high for anyone who previously lived there to repurchase. Therefore creating a utopia for those who can afford it.

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Vees said...
Oct. 14, 2009 at 4:10 pm
What insight from young eyes. This is an amazing article. Never should or can we forget Hurricane Katrina. Thanks .
Jennifer B. said...
Oct. 9, 2009 at 9:42 pm
I am actually from the Gulf coast region (westbank right across from new orleans literally the Mississippi River seperates us) we where actually told it was going to really bad hurricane our weather forecaster Bob Breck told us quote on quote "get out of here" but speaking for myself i know of never thought the storm was going to be as bad as it said it was from the start. I mean I'm used to alot of hurricanes coming just some leaves and plant pots to turn back over but it didn�... (more »)
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