The demise of Van Jones

September 20, 2009
By ClearlyDamnDecent SILVER, Rochester, Other
ClearlyDamnDecent SILVER, Rochester, Other
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Van Jones is a young enviromentalist, health care refomer and not too long ago was seen as the embodiment of a new era of government, an era of progressive movement foward, fresh, new ideas, champion of young people, author of the green collar economy. Promoted by Al Gore, appointed by Barack Obama to the newly created position of Special Advisor on Green Jobs. His creativity and vibrancy and had made him a hero particullarly among Obama's base the young and the minorities. What went wrong? Details of his past began to emerge, Fox made unfounded claims into Mr Jones history. Notorious Conspiracy Theroists 911Truth have recieved a siganture into a petition from him, a signature for which he apologised. Yet Glenn Beck and several other right wing commentators used as a deivce to call him a mad minded conspirasist, anti establishment radical. During the 90's his involvement in Socalist parties came under intense scrutiny and somehow this was twisted into calling him a Communist radical, futher still he was critisced for his involvement in free Mumia protests and was alledged to have described Republician Congressionals as a-holes. Let me say a few things, his involvement in 911truth may be something he apologised for, but I honestly don't think he needed to. Why asking the government to clear up unanswered question makes one a crazed radical is beyond me. Futher his involvement in Socalist parties was loose. Any ideaologies involving socalism is seen as taboo in Americian politics, I myself am a supporter of Socalism but that is irrelevent, the important thing is that just because someone has different political beliefs in a field seperate to their own it shouldn't make them resign. It isn't as though he was a nazi, just for beign a member of socalist party in the 90's he is being sent away from his position in the Adminstarion. Asking for a fair trial for a man accused of murder is suddenly wrong, I am not well-informed enought to say if Mumia did it or not but I do know that he did not have a fair trial and that to ask for that is a man adhering to his conseneus. Here is the sucker punch though, the kicker Glenn Beck feautured Van 14 times no less on his show, why did he take such an interest in a man who did not really have a key role in the adminstarion. It goes back to a couple of months ago, Van saw Glenn Beck call a Obama a racist who held a deep hatred for white culture, the statement was ridiculed and Jones attempted to convince Beck's advertisers to pull from his show. Some agreed and recently more have followed suit. Take it as no surprise then that Beck couldn't care about Van Jones or anything he associated himself with. Rather he was taking revenge, the coldest and most sinister of human emotions. Beck was mad about his loss of revune so he hit back. The Democrats in another example of weakness, stood down, no one defended Jones in either the left wing media or even the Adminstation. Jones left 12 midnight on a holiday weekend to dry and dampen the news breaking. What they have done here is handed Glenn Beck a major victory, told him yes you have a say in government decision making. Van Jones called it a vicous smear attack but who in the media debunked, who in the adminstation denied or clarified it. A throughly disgusting affair, still Arianna Huffington of the Huffington post claims that the role in the government was unfuffiling for a man of his potnetial and that he is best off outside making a difference and inpiring people into work. Van Jones may one day have an important role in Government but for now let him do what he does best. This was never about Van Jones though it was about justifying Glenn Beck the epitomy of the right wing attempting to bully this adminastration and I am afraid this time they won.

The author's comments:
Frustration with the weakness's evident in the case and hopefulness in terms of a big future for Van.

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