Send Home the Troops?

June 8, 2009
By Erika Rodriguez BRONZE, Lawndale, California
Erika Rodriguez BRONZE, Lawndale, California
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As some teenagers 18 or up do after they have completed their 4 years in high school would be to join the United States Army. The army would have to be their choice and would have to get some approval. Joining the army would take much courage and strength. The person joining must be willing to fight for their country. Even though the army is a dangerous job, there are people that will join. I believe that fighting is not the answer to anything, and that the troops should come back home.

Although the army is protecting the nation, people do get injured and killed in the army. Some can lose a body part and others would get shot or burned, but those are the lucky ones. Others are shot and killed by the enemy side; or somehow killed by a weapon. Millions of soldiers die. In addition, the soldiers are not the only ones getting killed. Innocent children get hurt and killed. Millions of lives are taken just because people are trying to protect the country.

Being in the army must take dedication and nationalism to be able to fight for ones country. Even though the army can be a dangerous career people that do go do it for their own choice and some because it had been their dream or goal. I can tell that the soldiers are extremely brave and have a large amount of courage. I when I would encounter a soldier I would think to myself how amazing dedicated they are about protection the nation as their career and also how I could never be in the army because I am too full of fear to join.

All in all, I believe that there could be two sides about the army. Either the side that states negative things about the army and just wanting to bring the soldiers back home or the side saying positive things and saying that its protection. Either way it is up to the individual because everyone has a different view of it.

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