December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

One way we could save our economy is by having our government improve our money. I went to the store yesterday and I saw people putting things back on the shelf because they did not have enough money to buy the products. What I think the biggest problem is our economy.
One way you save our economy is start getting our oil from Alaska and stop paying china for our oil. You could stop making our oil prices so high, and then our gas prices go down then you can talk to the government about lowering the paying proportion.
I think that you should stop the taxes every other month then the people won’t be in debt and you only have to think about what you want. You should have the tax months on the even days so you have most of the big holidays like Halloween and Christmas.
The last thing is that if you’re so worried about the stock market you should be lowering the economy. Then the stock market will go up. Then you won’t be in the biggest crises sense the great depression.
So those are main reasons you should deal with our economy. I hope the next president will read this then he can see that the economy really needs help. Then you can think that all those three main reasons they are very important to help the USA and your government.

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