Words to the World

April 17, 2018
By adancingpen BRONZE, Doral, Florida
adancingpen BRONZE, Doral, Florida
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When presented with the opportunity to address the agglomeration of people that make up our world, I would simply say, “Just be.” Just be completely and utterly yourself. Just be the person you were meant to be, embracing your quirks, passions, faults, and whatever and whoever fuels that fire in your soul. It suggests one to contravene what is expected or envisaged if it means being the truest variant of yourself. If we are all unreservedly engrossed in the person we sincerely are or aim to be, there is no room for hate, prejudice, or violence because we are all learning to accept ourselves and in turn, each other. Although it may seem like a utopian vision of the world, it doesn’t hurt to just be you, to disregard the influence those in your vicinity have on your character. How disheartened would you be if in your last waking moments, you looked back and realized you spent the entirety of your life being the person everyone else wanted you to be and not yourself?

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