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January 31, 2018
By arleth._. SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
arleth._. SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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talk less. smile more.

Would you ever like it if someone was being so disrespectful to you while on the other hand you were polite to them? I don't think anyone would really like it. So why do people choose to do it themselves? Its like how everyone says, treat others the same way you want to be treated. Not with disrespect because then you will get the same actions right back at you. That is something I really despise. When I treat someone with respect and yet I don't receive the same respect back.

My sister is someone I Love dearly even though there are moments when we argue and fight over dumb things. But one thing i know for sure is that if she ever needs me, anything at all that I can do to help her, I would be right there to take action. But there is a problem that just brings straight anger to me, and that would be the behavior she has even right after I have helped her with whatever she needed. I respect her so much and yet she treats me like if i didn't just give my time for her with something she was struggling with. For instance, there had been a day when she asked and even begged for me to take her to the store and buy her some snacks and me, as a kind big sister I said sure, why not. I took her and bought her some things that she wanted. She seemed happy that I had decided to take her. And yet when we got home and i had asked her for a simple favor, she started acting so snippy and rude. All I Could think is ¨wow, after what I just did for you, your going to treat me like this and act like that?¨. Even as a sibling you should be getting respect from them because you never know when they might not be around to help you.

My family has always taught me to have manners no matter what. I always tend to say ¨please¨,  ¨thank you¨ and ¨your welcome¨ whenever I need to do so. If not, I feel like i'm being bad-mannered and not being a good person. For example, if i were to ask for something from someone I would always say ¨can you pass me that please¨, and once they do, I right away say thank you and smile at them as a kind gesture towards the person. I get it if your ever in a bad mood but don't be rude to others around you. It's not their fault that you had a bad day. Maybe even that certain person could try and make you smile by them giving you kind gestures. The smallest things can help too. It's just that they put an effort to be generous and respectful.

Some places that i think that you really shouldn't be disrespectful at all is when you're either at a restaurant or a store or really anywhere that people are working. Nor should the employee be disrespectful to you back. The reason for this is because when you are at work you should be showing the customers that you can handle them in the way that you want them to handle you. For example, when you are ordering food at a restaurant, you wouldn't want them to take your order in a matter where they sound so ignorant or where they seem as though they don't care and have this annoyed face. And you wouldn't like it if someone was demanding you all rudely when you are taking their order to, as if you were some kind of slave. No that is not how it should be. Both customers and the employees should work with each other in respect so that at the end of the day everyone can be happy and smile.

This is why i think that people should take what they say, ¨treat others the same way you would want to get treated back¨ seriously. We want to have everyone happy. Even if the other person is having  bad day, don't make it worse for them nor should you be impolite to the others that have made time to help you out when you most needed it. Respect each other and you will get the same respect back.

The author's comments:

this piece is about how how people can disrespctful and how it really annoys me. i give my own exmaples of how ive been or have felt disrespected.

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