November 29, 2017
By Katiereinbolt SILVER, Hemet , California
Katiereinbolt SILVER, Hemet , California
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I love winter. Winter, in my opinion anyway, is the most magical season. Winter is so friendly and so loving, how could anyone hate it? The air turns crisp and the grass grows frosted tips overnight. You go outside to greet the friendly season and as you walk through the air it seems as if you are gliding through everything. The cold air blows through you hair and teases your nose, making it resemble a blush pink color. Although you are wearing two layers of everything, the frigid air works it way through the little tiny holes in your ivory sweater and makes you bundle up even more. The pockets of your thick furry jacket invite your freezing hands into their home and your hands accept as they get warm and cozy. As you keep walking you breathe harder and realize you can see your breath. The air has decided to show you the warm air you breath. You smile because you know the winter has arrived and soon everyone will be bundled up and experiences the same bliss you are. You lift your head up high and truly accept how happy you are all because of one simple thing. Winter. Winter is the most magical, truly friendly, loving season of all.

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