If I Were Mayor of My Town

November 10, 2017
By Anonymous

As mayor for the past year, I had promised to bring some changes to Waukesha and I think the community has seen some success. In the past year the Waukesha community has made significant changes. When I ran for mayor, I said I was going to work on road repairs, drug prevention, and the water. I have done a great job addressing most of these issues. As Waukesha is still a growing community, I want to move our focus to strengthen the education and schools, safety in our neighborhoods, and also focus on marketing in our area.

My team and I are aware of how long the road repairs have gone on for and we have received a lot of complaints about the issue. We are working our best to get the repairs done the quickest but yet done with the best quality so our citizens can travel on safe roads. I promise to use my position to continue to work on these repairs to the best of my ability to get these jobs done. I will use multiple companies at once so the job will get done faster and we will only use the best ones out there.

In any community, drug prevention is needed. Within the community we have done a great job offering multiple drug prevention meetings per week at convention centers. We’ve also had the local police department talking to the local schools about drugs so the kids are aware of what they could be dealing with if they decide to get involved.

We have access to some of the most reliable water in the United States, the Great Lakes. The DNR has helped with this process of obtaining and returning water from the Great Lakes. Waukesha is proud of the water that we give to our citizens and we want to continue to keep it that way.

The education in the Waukesha area has some of the best education in Wisconsin. I want to work on making sure that every public high school in Waukesha is the best education in Wisconsin. Currently not all of the public high schools statistics are equivalent. I want to make sure all the students in Waukesha have the same opportunities in high school whether that's the same grading systems or the classes that are offered. I will try my best to make sure that the schools are equivalent.

The police has already done an excellent job on keeping our neighborhoods safe but they always can be safer. I think we can ensure a curfew for kids of 11pm and the neighborhoods will be safer. I want to ensure all police cars have cameras and police officers have cameras for accidents for referencing. This will help keep the community safer and help the court system run smoother.

The Waukesha community is a growing community. I want to work on the marketing of the Waukesha community to attract more citizens to the area and to also gain more business opportunities. I will do this by promoting family events once a month on an entire weekend. It will include local vendors and family activities like movies and family games. 

As mayor, I think that Waukesha has grown and will continue to grown with these changes in mind. I expect that the citizens only want to see this community to succeed. Therefore, I promise to work on to strengthen the education and schools, and the safety in our neighborhoods, and to focus more on marketing in our area.

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