If I Were Mayor

November 10, 2017
By erricaa189 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
erricaa189 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Issues are typically addressed and maintained by the mayor, who is in charge of the county. As mayor, keeping the people of your county safe and in order is the key factor among this job.

In order to maintain proper safety for our county, anti-drug and alcohol programs will be incorporated in all high schools in Waukesha County. These programs will be incorporated to assure that students are aware of what will happen if they do make poor decisions that will have major consequences.

Last year, Arrowhead High School had a presentation on brave individuals, discussing the decisions their teenager had made. The individuals each discussed the result of that decision and the effect that it had on them as a parent, as well as their teenager’s friends, classmates, and their child's school. Sitting in on this presentation, listening to each parent’s story was heartbreaking and meaningful to each and every one of us as teenagers. It especially opened our eyes to making decisions and made us realize just how important it is to not do these things. Presentations relating to these topics may make an impact on teenagers and their decisions. Therefore, as mayor, I will make sure that presentations, such as ones like this, are included in each high school in the county. The way that these presentations will help teenagers is by making them aware. By making teenagers aware, it will make them more responsible and make appropriate decisions when faced with drug and alcohol.

Another anti-drug usage program that will be incorporated is a yearly Pill Drop, which is the opportunity for people to dispose of their prescriptions and pills appropriately. All Waukesha County high schools will have this program to make sure that others won’t get a hand on those pills and use them for the wrong reasons. It’s important to keep the public safe and today’s day, underage drinking and drug use is a major issue. By including a program such as the Pill Drop and presentations, it makes kids aware of the issue and may hinder kids from trying or continuing to do so.

If I were mayor, my main goal would be to help contribute to put an end to underage drug and alcohol use because I see if as a major issue in Waukesha County. It is extremely important to keep our county safe, but more importantly, our kids safe.

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