Indian Wells

October 26, 2017
By Kolton123 BRONZE, Indian Wells, California
Kolton123 BRONZE, Indian Wells, California
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If I were mayor of my city I would make very drastic changes. I live in Indian Wells, California, a small quiet city neighbored by two much larger cities. There aren’t many bad things with where I live but there are some changes that will make Indian Wells much nicer. I have many ideas of how to make Indian Wells a better place without spending too much money. According to USA the median household income is around $85,000 which means the city has way too much money.

When first elected mayor I would make a budget that will include reasonable purchases such as flags, military/police honor stones, and landscaping. I noticed that in front of the town hall the flags are extremely worn. This is extremely disrespectful to the veterans that fought for this great country and especially the ones that live here. Once I replace the flags I will add more across the whole property such as blue stripe, red stripe, green stripe, orange stripe, and yellow striped flags to honor all who protect our nation. The honor stones will include all first responders and all in the military. After I install the more important things I will focus on landscaping. Currently we are spending too much money on landscaping and I will cut the costs down quite a bit to save money. First, I will start by only replacing flowers and trees when they die and not replacing them to just replace them. Next, I will plant more sustainable drought tolerant plants that need less water like succulents. If I were mayor, the city would be a much more desireable place to live.

The only school in Indian Wells, Gerald Ford Elementary, doesn’t look pleasing at all. The paint is peeling, the courts are cracked, the lunch area is unkept, and the grass looks hideous. On the other hand the teachers and staff are amazing. With my power I could use the money that the city has to repair the school and make it look aesthetically pleasing. I could also fund sports programs and after school activities to allow kids to have fun. Once I clean up Gerald Ford, parents would want their kids to attend there.

I have noticed tremendous amounts of trash all over and nobody is cleaning it up. I will fund a cleanup crew that will clean up the streets. People throw trash out of the window and don’t care what they are doing. It’s gross to look at and hurts the animals and environment. The crew will consist of volunteers that love the environment and animals enough to work for free. This will also be a great way to get community service hours for college.

If I were mayor I would help my city as much as I could. Sometimes when a person of power like a mayor does something that will cost too much money you think to yourself that you would be better off as the mayor. I could make this city amazing but the chances of me being elected are slim to none since I’m so young. All and all I think I could be a great mayor once I get out of college and have more wisdom, experience and tools to do the job with efficiency and a heart for the people.

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