Recipe for a Best Friendship

April 18, 2017
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A truck load of Taco Bell
A heap of late night 49 cent ice cream cones
A pinch of bad decisions
A handful of car rides bumping loud music
A sprinkle of fighting
A mound of wrestling
A dash of midnight facetime calls
4 slices of laughing
A mound of bad dancing to great songs


Start with seeing your friend as much as you can.
Go to Taco Bell before wrestling practice to make you feel like a beefy nacho loaded griller while wrestling.
Play the radio as loud as it goes on the way to practice and dance like fools the whole way.
Be practice partners and get in the occasional fight from being so competitive.
To end the fight stop at McDonalds on the way home to get 49 cent cones and hug it out.
Lie to parents and say you're staying at the others house but go to a party and spend the night laughing and thinking of shenanigans and girls.
When you can’t see each other be sure to facetime as much as possible.
Continue previous seven steps forever for best results.

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