Why I Need to Go to College

September 12, 2016

In the writing titled "Why I need to Go to College" written by Amy I felt shocked.  Her writing about the struggle she and her mom went through left me feeling astonished by what her family had to do and grateful for what I have.


I believe that "Why I need to Go to College" by Amy delivers a strong idea about the hardships some people have to go through to make a living.  Amy talks about how her mother her mother came to the U.S. and "works thirteen hours every other Saturday to save up for my college education, (pg 10)."  This statement shows just how much work her mother has to do to support her.  The part of her writing that really shocked me was when she had to cross the desert to get to the U.S. and just how awful the trip was and the trauma it did to her.  She saw "human bones abandoned in the desert. . . familes split up (pg 10)."  These experiences are what made her determined to go to college and help support her family and it made me grateful that my family didn't have to go through the hardships that she had to face.

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