Searching for Excellence in Others

October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

"It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad." This quote by Jimmey Buffet perfectly describes how people should see each other. Some people are so quick to judge the bad in people, that they have no time to see the good. The groups that are so quick to judge are also the ones that are able to sway the way most people think of others and who people want to hang out with. An example would be that the popular kid in school doesn’t like the way a new kid looks, so they automatically exclude that person and make everyone else stay away from him or her too. When the popular kid decides, that makes it hard for the others to decide what they think about the new kid because they, themselves, don’t want to be excluded.
The quote shows that even if you think that it is hard to find good in a person you are just wasting your time looking for and finding the appalling traits. Sometimes I think that the bad in a person can blind others from seeing the good. I was the new kid at school once and I was lucky enough to be able to make friends on the first day. Even though many kids were still weary of whether or not they liked me because I was different and that was an awful thing to them. Most people look at change as frightening and it scares them just to think about changing the groups they hang out with and putting a variety into the people they hang out with. I was actually a new kid more than once because, I transferred in eighth grade to the public school. Sometimes I think that the only reason that I kind of fit in here is because I had already known many of my new classmates pre-transfer. Both my brother and sister introduced me to some of their friends too because they had been going to the public school for six years.
The few people that have troubles finding the bad traits in people should be the ones that we all want and strive to hang out with. We could all learn from this kind of person because of the way they act. When we are around people that see the good quality, it helps us see it too because we learn to put the bad qualities or traits aside and are taught to ignore them. Whereas when you are around the many groups that can only see the awful things in others it makes you, like I said before, blind to others good traits. We should all avoid these people and not waste our time looking at the bad when it takes the same amount of time to see the good in the people around us.
Everyone can work on the way they see others. I don’t know of anyone that has never talked negative about someone they know or just met. People say that the first impression is everything but it shouldn’t be. Others should have to get to know you and be able to find what is supreme about you, before they can judge you.

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