Love, or Lack of it

October 22, 2008
What shall we as humans do when we lose our love. Not that love will ever cease to exist as a whole, but as in terms of one individual. How will one carry on if there is no love to be felt or given?
Love is what gives the world its color and warmth. Without it it will be an uninviting sea of icy gray subsistence. Can someone really last all that long with no hope in their lives? Every night wondering if you will wake again, almost praying that you never do. Love goes hand in hand with life, with out love there is no life.
Keep love close, with all that is happening around our world love is a fleeting feeling. Pray for those who have not yet found it, Pray for those that must fight to keep it, and most of all pray for those that have lost it, for they have lost their reason to live.

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