Life is a game

October 15, 2008
I think life is like a game because you can not get to the top without planning things out. There are challenges everywhere in life but if I believe I can get pass them. It takes confidences and patient to get what I want. Challenges are there to makes life more exciting because sometime it means that I should try something that I never done before. In a chess game each piece I play I think about the next moves before it was my turn because just like in real life I must plan ahead to stay on the top. My opponent moves is unknown like my future is because I do not know if it will change. A good game takes a few hours but a well develop plan can takes years. Time is always there for me to use but chances do not comes by more then once. Sometimes in a game my opponent puts me into a dead end but there is always a way out if I look close enough. In life sometime I need to gamble with my chances because the result is unexpected. Life and game are similar which is why if I can win a game then I can get through life.

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