It's Our Turn

August 24, 2008
Looking at the world today, we can see the inevitability of a further descent into madness. Morals are no longer allowed to be taught; only minority beliefs are to be expressed, for fear of intolerance; we are expected to do drugs, drink, and have sex, so we’re given the lessons and materials to do it “safely.” We look to adults for leadership and guidance but are sorely disappointed, finding none. We’re no longer taught the things that made America what it was; instead, we’re expected to embrace a dangerous tolerance of things against which we should be fighting. We hear pledges of a new hope and a much-needed change, but in reality, this change leads to an America without freedom and opportunity, where the unqualified are rewarded and the deserving are punished.

If the adults won’t take a stand against this outrage, then who will?

I’ll answer, since clearly no one else is paying attention: it should be us, the next generation; we’re the ones who will pay for their mistakes; we’re the ones who see what’s happening to our world; and it looks more and more like we’re the only ones who can stop it. We owe it to ourselves and to our futures.

We shouldn’t be forced to listen to teachers lecture us about the liberal “truths” of evolution, global warming, and atheism. We shouldn’t have to sit back and take it when they tell us how our country is “the great evil” and how our military is fighting and dying for nothing but lies. Liberals tell us that we should look to Europe for leadership, because really, lets face it, the UN obviously knows how to run our country better than we do. We fought a revolution to gain freedom from Europe, why do they want us to go back so willingly now? What gives them the right to force us to attend assemblies that teach us how to have sex? Since when do they have the authority to rewrite American history, skewing the past to portray heroes as criminals?

We shouldn’t have to grow up like this, but yet we are. And if we don’t take an initiative against the indoctrination of our generation, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.

I am standing by, watching my future disintegrate, and I, for one, am angry. No, that doesn’t begin cover it; I am furious, disgusted, and fed up. It is time for us, the future of tomorrow, to stand up and tell the world the truth, not just our truth, but The Truth. America, the greatest and most powerful country in the world (am I being intolerant saying that?) was founded on the premise that truth is absolute and that we should never apologize for our achievements. There can’t be moral relativism because that demands we embrace all things, even evil, and when we do that, we truly become “the great evil”; we become everything our country used to fight against. This must be acknowledged, and since apparently the current leaders, so wrapped up in politics and popularity, lack the courage and patriotism to do it themselves, it falls to us. I don’t want to look forward to a future I’m terrified of; this change can’t wait. Now is our turn to stand up and demand that America, our America, become the nation it was founded to be.

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