October 26, 2007
By rydell cox, Boston, MA

THE customer ALWAYS

When eating with your family on a special occasion or for a holiday the last thing you want is an angry waitress or waiter taking your order with an attitude. I know from personal experience.
When I was in a restaurant for Easter lunch with my family, a waitress asked me and my family if we would like something to drink and if we were ready to order, but in a rude manner. And then she walked away after rolling here eyes and then mumbling some thing under her breath. My family asks for a new waitress a or even a waiter. When we finally got our new waiter our problem were solved.
For an outing with your family you shouldn’t have to worry about rude waitress or waiters or even an employee .Going into your favorite restaurant, ordering your favorite food and then having to wait about twenty minutes, getting cold, and not wanting it are all the problems. The best thing most people can do can do is to return it or give it back and make it specific that when you got your food it was cold because the company will lose money to make the food over again.
You can do the same thing in other stores other than restaurants, like hardware stores .When you need help finding something and the employee doesn’t give you the thing you want you need to address a different employee or ask him or her and if they can get it for you of to tell you they ran out of that supply. When dealing with a bad waitress or waiter or even an employee the best you can do is to address the manager.

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