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October 14, 2012
By MattMMedeiros BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
MattMMedeiros BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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Don’t think, just laugh. Without Reflecting on what will happen next, just have a laugh and deal with everything latter. This philosophy is the belief of finding something to laugh about. Humor. The belief in humor is to find something comical out of everyday experiences. Without this way of thinking there would be almost nothing to laugh about.

To believe in humor you have to know the right times to use it. If it were used in the context the fun would be ruined. Finding something to distract you from the everyday rut is great. It reminds me of when someone would be aggravated with me and I would zone off. If they were to notice me half-heartedly listening to the retribution, I was in deep trouble and I could expect something worse latter. That worse thing would probably start with an, “Are you even listening,” continue with a, “Yes I heard what you said,” and ending with a, “Look at me so I know your listening!” These kinds of arguments are common with me and an easy way to avoid getting in trouble is by finding something so stupid that it is hilarious and hold the laughter in until the conflict is over. These interactions should finish quickly as long as you get some of what they say and repeat it back to the oppressor. Another way of using this belief effectively is to find something good out of bad situations. It is like when I was sick with strep throat and I felt horrible. Even with my feeling like a used tissue I thought of the one good thing about my situation. No school. With finding something good out of bad experiences you forget about the troubles and only think of what good came out of it.

Finding a distraction or something funny about my accounts lightened thoughts of sickness and distress. Without thinking of misfortunes you could not actually feel any problems. By subconsciously not caring about your problems, they actually go away or a little while as you have your fun or distracting moment. The belief in humor is more than just liking funny things, to deem humor something you think is true and helpful you have to put all of what it has meant through your life into the mix. Without humor there would be no good memories. A good memory implies it was enjoyable, if you didn’t laugh or have fun then you did not use humor correctly. Humor should be used to escape the troubles of normal, boring life. Humor fuels fun, emotions, and memories that will last forever. Without the philosophy of finding fun there would not be anything to look back on. Without anything good to look back on all you can look back on is disappointment, anger, and bad memories. To actually believe in humor, you must credit it for all it has impacted in your life.

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