The Untied States of America

July 8, 2008
By Marina Ernst, Vineland, NJ

Most of us say that our nation is United, a force of all people together. However, what few Americans realize is that this beautiful country is quickly changing from United to Untied. And most of us have had a hand in the chaos.
Within the boundaries of Washington D.C., we have assembled the biggest collection of crooks, liars, and shady folk who seem to only care to shrink the pockets of the American people and fill the pockets of their over-priced waistcoats. The good politicans, the ones who tell the truth and seem rather ashamed of the current state of our capital, get pushed to the wayside by big-talking, money-heckling executives and campaign managers. Either that, or they go on long cars rides with guys named Bo and Killer and are never seen again.
At home, our parents are confined by the rules of the state and the rules of the school. Our officials tell them to give us a good educations. The schools tell us to depend on the officals for support.
Meanwhile, our teens are crushed by unfair rules, communist-like dress codes, and untrustworthy teachers. The only hope for our next generation is the few good souls, the teachers who are ready for anything, and who try to give our students what they need, dispite of the restrictions of the administration.
Think of it this way: the hard-working, tradition labor-working American fights for his property and his family by working hard until he dies, while the government, the state, and every over-seas company stresses how 'fortunate' Americans are, and the hard-working man is too kind and, more importantly, too busy to fight back while the government sucks his resources away. These resources are divided up between the lazy Americans who are in good health but choose not to work, the injured Amercians who given nearly what they deserve, the blood-thirsty politicans who can't wait to buy their new BMW with that Americans money, and the over-paided CEOs who kiss up to every official so as to, literally, 'spread the wealth'. These acts spread to the children of these groups of people, who follow in their parents footsteps. The only exceptions are the good eggs, to disowned free-thinkers who try to change the world and are, unfortunately, always shot-down.
There is only one cure for dirty politics; no politics. But that, my friends, is impossible in a society like ours. So we all must suffer under the thumbs of these wealthy CEOs and politicans; all of us, the small business owners, the fun teachers, the nurses, the students, the writes, ect. We must all try to make our ways to some sort of wealth, to some sort of legacy to live by. To some of us, this is the American dream. But where will it end. When will there be too many of the rich, and not enough poor. When will we run our of money, out of our knowledge of who is gifted and who is not. We will all become a group of misfits, with no money and nothing to buy with it. We will all lose our sense of direction in life, and return to a time of equals, where I share yours and you share mine. Maybe then, when we need each other to literally survive, we can be truly United.

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