Ten Steps to Being More Creative

May 5, 2008
Are you boring, monochromatic, and/or think that creativity is a waste of time? Then I have good news for you I have a ten step process to being more creative. Step 1: Accept that you’re monochromatic. Now some of you might be wondering what I mean by monochromatic; what I mean is that you lack expression, your boring, your annoying, and you are not creative in the least. Acceptance is the first step to recovery in all procedures. Step 2: Sleep normally, do not sleep during the day, you are not an owl. Get to sleep at a decent hour instead of at two in the morning. Step 3: Stop playing videogames till two in the morning. This goes back to that thing we like to call SLEEP! Step 4: Don’t be a drag be exciting. Get into activities that are fun and exciting, not reading. Step 5: Be spontaneous not withdrawn live life to the fullest. Step 6: Get a life, please, other than sports and video games. Step 7: Love life, if you can’t stand the people around get away from them. Step 8: Stop being annoying, if you have to be annoying to the people you’re around get away from those people. Step 9: Do art it inspires creativity. Step 10: Most of all be creative, get a life, stop being an owl and overall just be creative.

Here are examples in which being creative is useful. A boring blonde hair guy with streaks in his hair that his mother put in wants to go out with a girl. He tries to get a date, but she tells him he’s just not her type. This is code for, “your too boring get away from me, loser.” By being creative, making her a lovely valentine, and showing her that he is spontaneous and when asks her out. She says, “Hey hotty want to go out to night?” He says sure. Now this is a far out example and is kind of tricky to pull off. Now I go to a school with a boy who fits the bill perfectly as monochromatic. He does forensics, but he has to be one of the most boring individuals I have ever met. I have met many individuals who are monochromatic, but none more so than John L. Crawford (names have been changed for legal and Hensley reasons). He sleeps all the time at school; it is amazing that he maintains his grades as much as he sleeps. Overall don’t bore people to death it makes them hate you. Please be creative, get a life, and have fun.

Why did I write this editorial? Well it was based on the inspiration from Ms. Hensley. People need to exist without being bored to death. People are bored to death during their daily lives they still need to be cheered up. If you can brighten someone’s day do so. Monochromatic people just make people miserable and angry. That’s why the only real use for a monochromatic person is to inspire a mob, battalion, or some other militaristic type body. If you still want to be a monochromatic person, then join the army. You will encourage our troops to rid the world of people like you and they’ll be even better at killing those terrorists. So on that note I hope that you are inspired to become more creative, and if not join the army!

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