letter of human rights

April 17, 2012
By jackson suarez BRONZE, Dallas Tx, Texas
jackson suarez BRONZE, Dallas Tx, Texas
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I’ve moved six times in my life I have lived in Dallas, Mexico, Spain, Houston, London, then moved back to Dallas. I was born in Dallas TX.
In my English class we have been learning about human rights and how some people don’t have them around the world and some do. I am fortunate enough to live in a great country that where my rights are protected and cannot be taken away. But I also live in a country with wealth and knowledge and resources and education and many other things that we feel like we need or we can’t survive without.
But the truth is other country’s live in complete poverty they have minimum water and food and don’t have education or hospitals or really anything. They live in fear of disease and when they will get their next meal. Some countries are struggling to get out of this and we need to help them so we have a safer and better world to live in. We all need to come together and help the people who are not as fortunate and put down the evil in other countries so they can have their freedom too.
I have a strong feeling that we all need to unite and make a better program to accomplish this. I know we are trying hard but we need to try harder because not just one or a few countries can do it by themselves we all need to lift a hand so we all can have mostly the same opportunity and so we are born equal in ways of freedom and to go to school etc. we need to make a difference in this world we need to focus on giving some of our wealth to Africa and other less fortunate countries we need to focus on this goal or we won’t reach it for a long time.
I think that we need to focus on communities like city in the country or town and we need to help plan and build the building and roads so we can speed along the process and that we can guarantee that they make the right choices and don’t waste the money. We need to oversee and help with the money we give them since they are not as strong of a nation and don’t have the best education but hopefully one day they will do it without our help and be just as educated as us, and maybe one day they will give us help about some things we need.
We need to make a difference in this world so we can all have the same opportunities to education and shelter, food, water, and freedom we will not have all the same opportunities in life because we are all born with a different one but it’s what you do and how hard you work that gives you different opportunities you could start of poor and become a billion air vies versa. The meaning of equality is that we all get the same chances like going to school doesn’t matter if its Harvard or Alabama you can still make a better job than them it depends on how hard you work.
So we should help and get them the same opportunities as everybody else should and that is to be free and live life on your terms which means people who work hard pass up the people that don’t. The time is now. we need to stop all the bad things and evil in places that are not developed because how would you like it if you were having to go fight at the age of 12 or13 and so on, this is happening because they have no law enforcement and their government Is to weak so we need to help in every way we can and make them have a safer and better life we need to help them. We need to start at communities and spread from that place to another and hopefully I will see this come true before my life ends. The time is now!

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